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In spite of its boycott of the Kyoto-Protocol, the US under President Bush is preparing its citizens for a possible energy crisis, due in large part to the steadily increasing gasoline prices. The US needs to begin discussing new sources of energy after decades of neglected political debate on the issue, according to the president in a report published in Die Welt. In view of this fact, some large American firms have obligated themselves in the mean time to independently reducing their emissions discharge.

Published in Der Handelsblatt, US corporate giant General Electric (GE) has initiated a plan to double its yearly investment in R&D in efficient technologies to $1.5 billion a year over the next 5 years. The firm hopes to bring in revenues of $20 billion a year by 2010 from these new technologies while in the mean time reducing its own environmental footprint. Obviously the company has discovered a gap in the market: “We have arrived at a point where energy efficiency and the reduction of our own emissions can positively affect profit”, remarked GE chief executive Jeff Immelt.