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Dear Members, Colleagues and Friends of the IFRF,

Finally IFRF is in its new headquarters at Livorno, close to the experimental facilities of ENEL – Ricerca that will be used by the Foundation for its future experimental research activities.

This is the final step of a process that has deeply involved ENEL, the University of Pisa and the IFRF throughout 2006 in order to remove all juridic and practical obstacles to the move from the Netherlands to Italy. At the same time it is the beginning of a new life for the Foundation, that we sincerely hope to be a continuation of its long scientific and technological tradition.

ENEL and Pisa University are strongly determined in supporting the IFRF in pursuing its objectives, particularly in this period of transition to a renewed structure and definition of new challenging research objectives, because we believe that all the industrial sectors interested in the developments and applications of combustion systems still need an independent organisation to develop and exchange ideas, verify the applicability of new technologies and train young researchers. This need must be satisfied when we consider that, according most experts, clean thermal conversion of  fuels will continue to have a central role in energy supply and utilisation in the next decades.

Thanks to its relocation to the Livorno Laboratory of ENEL, the IFRF will have immediate access to a wide range of semi-industrial scale combustion test facilities, which will be available for undertaking the IFRF Members Research Programme and Members’ test work over the whole range of industrial process sectors, and on a confidential basis.

Together with all the researchers of ENEL Ricerca, I wish the new IFRF every success with the establishment of the Livorno office and the new IFRF R&D activities.

Gennaro De Michele
General Secretary, IFRF