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The Chairmen of the AFRC and JFRC hereby issue a reminder of the 2007 Joint American and Japanese Flame Research Committees’ International Symposium Advances in Combustion Technology: Improving the Environment and Energy Efficiency which will be held at the Marriott Waikoloa Beach Resort and Spa on the Big Island of Hawaii near Kona from Oct. 22nd through 24th.

The more than 70 papers selected for the meeting have been contributed by authors from 12 different countries. These papers cover a broad spectrum of interests related to industrial combustion, energy utilization and related topics in furnaces, boilers, engines and flares. The list of papers along with more information about the AFRC-JFRC Symposium, including registration forms and hotel information is available at  www.members.cox.net/afrc

Joint AFRC-JFRC International Symposia, held every 3 to 4 years, are open technical meetings and are a unique opportunity for individuals from industry, research organizations, government laboratories and academic institutions to share their research and development interests.

An IFRF TOTeM on “CFD-Simulation of Combustion Processes” will immediately follow the AFRC-JFRC Symposium and will be held at the same venue. The meeting organizers have arranged for a “blue ribbon” collection of seven experts to present the state of the art on this topic followed by posters, papers, discussions and a workshop on the topic.

Richard Waibel and Susumu Mochida invite delegates to register for the symposium and/or TOTeM as soon as possible so that they can make proper arrangements with the hotel and accommodate all those that wish to attend.