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As promised, herewith the link for the dedicated website which has been erected for the delegates to the June conference.

As many elements of the Conference are still in the planning phase, the site will remain a work in progress for many weeks to come so delegates are urged to check back weekly for new updates and additions.  A direct link from the IFRF website will be made available shortly.

Any comments or suggestions about the how the site could be rendered more useful to delegates will be enthusiastically received by tracey.biller@ifrf.net
For example, to give the networking process an early start, we hope to expand the Delegates List into a virtual chat room.  If you have any other ideas or requests with regard to links or site functionality, please don’t hesitate to offer them.

We wish you Good Conferencing!

15th IFRF Members` Conference website: http://www.improntesrl.it/ifrf