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Another post graduate researcher has arrived at Livorno to collaborate with IFRF investigators under the auspices of the EU funded BRISK project in which IFRF is a partner. 

Jun Li, from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, is the second IFRF visitor to take advantage of the BRISK Transnational Access programme which funds researchers from any EU country to carry out thermochemical biomass conversion research at a choice of 70 facilities.  In terms of the programme, payment is provided for the costs associated with accessing and supporting the facilities, along with a grant to contribute to travel, accommodation and subsistence.

During his two week research visit, Jun Li will have the opportunity to work with the IFRF team on a biofuel characterisation campaign.  In addition to facilitating the Transnational Access programme, IFRF has a specific research role in BRISK.  BRISK stands for Biofuels Research Infrastructure for Sharing Knowledge.  The IFRF experiments in which Jun Li will participate form part of a campaign to investigate the kinetics of thermal conversion of 2nd generation biomasses and chars in the Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor (IPFR), and develop procedures to determine the kinetic parameters needed for single particle models which can be used as sub-models in CFD-codes.

CFD-modelling has become a crucial tool in the development of new thermal conversion and reactor concepts.  The present models, however, need to be significantly modified to be utilized also for concepts involving 2nd generation biomasses.  It is known that the properties of biomasses vary dramatically depending on the origin and the pre-treatment and this project aims at improved characterisation of some selected 2nd generation biomasses.

For a detailed description of the IPFR, IFRF Members may peruse the report published in 2010 and entitled G 03/y/03 – Description of the Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor and the experimental procedures for combustion studies on solid fuels. 

IFRF Members who wish to participate in experimental activities at the Livorno facility should watch MNM for details of upcoming trials and then contact Giovanni Coraggio.  Full information about Transnational Access in the BRISK project is available on the dedicated website.

Photo below: Pictured at the IPFR this afternoon, Jun Li with the IFRF’s Giorgio Bonvicini and Marco Faleni

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