• Virus Attack and Spamming

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      Peter Roberts

On 1st July [2002-Week 27 Edition], we remarked: “Starting recently there has been a build up of emails which contain virus attachments some of which appear to have been sent from IFRF email addresses – for example combustion-centre@ifrf.net – We must point out that these last email messages do not come from the IFRF.”

We repeat this statement and the background explanation given at that time. But nevertheless this spate of virus spamming and for that matter, spamming in general, is becoming completely unacceptable and now we must take action.

Part of the problem is that IFRF NET has always employed a “visible” email address policy. This in former times was no problem and indeed was regarded as being “user friendly”. But these days it all too easy for email address harvesters to collect our various addresses automatically and add them to mailing lists which in turn makes all our co-operators, and us, vulnerable to spamming. So we will need to devise, adopt and implement a new policy.

We are setting this in motion immediately – but as we are sure you will realise it will take some time to implement successfully – If you are one of the ones affected, we ask you for your patience in the meantime.