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      Peter Roberts

We have received the following information from Prof. Dr.-Ing Roman Weber concerning a professorial vacancy at the Technical University of Clausthal, which reads as follows:

The Technical University of Clausthal, Germany announces a vacancy for the Professorship (Bes.Gr. W3 BBesO)
the field of Mechanical Process Engineering
Commencing 1st April 2004

In this specialist subject area of mechanical engineering, process engineering and chemistry at The Technical University of Clausthal, the following position is currently available: Professorship (Bes.Gr. W3 BBesO) in the field of mechanical process engineering.

The position is open to suitable candidates until 01.04.2004.

A thorough and demonstrable appreciation of relevant background theory and current and future research requirements is expected from the candidate. Due to the strong historical and current linkage between the field of process engineering and The Technical University of Clausthal, the University expects in co-operation with the departments of materials sciences and mechanical engineering an interdisciplinary co-operation regarding the development of new products and processes and/or industrial process engineering systems. One significant research area to be addressed includes the production and/or handling of nano-particles in association with conventional areas of classical mechanical process engineering.

Lectures in basic and advanced mechanical process engineering for the various student courses in process technology, chemical engineering and environmental engineering will be expected to be given by the successful candidate. The ability to give these classes in English is also expected.

The applicant should have a scientifically proven track record and evidence of interdisciplinary co-operation in at least one of the above mentioned areas.

Qualifications are an important condition applied to the post and include proof of higher education graduation, teaching experience, special capability for independent scientific work and further additional scientific achievements. Additional scientific achievement can also be supported by a Habilitation or a comparably acceptable achievement. The applicant should have relevant industrial experience of several years.

The Technical University of Clausthal aims to increase the portion of women employees in its research and teaching areas. TU Clausthal requests and encourages therefore qualified female scientists or engineers to apply. Female applicants, who have the equivalent qualifications, will be preferred. Disabled applicants with the equivalent qualifications will also be preferred.

Applicants, who are under 45 year of age at the time of an offer will be employed as a Civil Servant (Beamter). Those who are over 45 years of age at the time of an offer and not employed currently as a Civil Servant will be employed as direct employee (Angestellter).

Interested applicants should write in confidence with a covering letter explaining why they feel they are suitable for the position, enclosing a full CV and a list of publications. This documentation should be addressed to the:

Dean of the Faculty of Mining, Metallurgical Engineering and Manufacturing,
TU Clausthal
Leibnizstr. 8
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

The closing date for applications is 18th July 2003. (Due to the short timescale, we are informed that it is likely that this date will be extended. This will be clarified in the Monday Night Mail)

The German language version of this announcement can be downloaded from the Communications Centre at http://www.combustion-centre.ifrf.net/employment/index.html.