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      Patrick Lavery

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This week we have some news from the European Commission concerning the continuation of  “Intelligent Energy” – Europe programme, Consultation on barriers for renewable electricity development,  and Notification to Member States on delays in implementing European legislation on biofuels. Further information is available at the websites linked below.

The Commission proposes the continuation of the Intelligent Energy – Europe programme in 2007- 2013

On 6 April, the Commission adopted a proposal for the continuation of the Intelligent Energy – Europe programme during the period 2007-2013, as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation framework Programme (CIP). CIP provides a response to the call of the renewed Lisbon strategy for bigger, simpler and more visible and targeted Community tools. CIP brings together several existing EU activities with proven and successful track record that support competitiveness and innovation, notably eco-innovation and the sustainable use of resources. CIP has three main pillars: the Entrepreneurship and Innovation programme, the ICT Policy Support programme and the Intelligent Energy – Europe programme.

Further information on CIP and its specific programmes can be obtained via the following link.


European Commission launches consultation on barriers for renewable electricity development

The European Commission has initiated a consultation process on the development of electricity generation from renewable energy sources among corporate, public and private stakeholders. The consultation will focus on the identification of existing market barriers for the development of renewable electricity in the EU.

All stakeholders are invited to share their experiences via a web-based questionnaire:


Inputs are welcomed until 15 April 2005. Completion of the questionnaire will take approximately 15 minutes.

European Commission notifies Member States on delays in implementing European legislation on biofuels

The Commission on 16 March issued letters of formal notice to nine Member States that have not yet communicated their target for the share of biofuels in 2005, as required by the European legislation on biofuels. This legislation requires that an increasing proportion of all diesel and petrol sold in the Member States be biofuels, starting with 2% in 2005 and progressively increasing so as to reach a minimum of 5.75% of fuels sold in 2010.