• Transfer of combustion test facility – RWE npower

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Dorian Matts, Main Contact Person at IFRF Member organization RWE npower has informed us that the company will shortly be issuing documentation associated with the potential transfer of their combustion and low carbon technologies test facility (CTF) to interested parties.  RWE will be issuing a full specification but, as a guide to what will become available, the RWE npower CTF facility comprises:

  • a residence time scaled 500kW PF combustion chamber
  • ability to burn liquid and solid fuels in suspension and assess flame stability and combustion performance
  • ability to assess slagging and fouling propensity
  • ability to run in oxy-fuel mode (using syngas from N2, O2 and CO2 tanks)
  • full control system including SCADA
  • flue gas cleaning equipment
  • fans, heaters, ducting incl. ageing coil, stack, etc
  • Amine Capture Facility
    • a 150-250kW amine absorber and desorber facility complete with auxiliaries able to run on syngas or real flue gas (from CTF)
    • full control system including SCADA

Anyone wishing to receive further details of the transfer may contact Dorian direct or via the IFRF’s Tracey Biller.