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      Peter Roberts

In the 2002, Week 30 edition of the MNM we announced the Linkebeek TOTeMs. To recall, these meetings will be hosted, thanks to our Belgian Member Organisation, Laborelec, based at Linkebeek, just south of Brussels and will cover the following topics:

12th November 2002 – TOTeM21  Combustion Trends in the Cement and Mineral Processing Industry.
On the evening of 12th November there will be a Joint TOTeM buffet dinner.
13th November 2002 – TOTeM22 – Combustion Trends in the Power Generation Industry.

We are happy to announce that the Chairmen for TOTeM21 is Barrie Jenkins who is preparing the programme with the organisation team right now.

 Barrie Jenkins

The task of Chairing TOTeM22 was proposed to Johan Vanormelingen of Laborelec. We are happy to say that he accepted and is working with the organising team to produce an optimum programme, along with the Senior Advisors for the Power Generation Industry Industrial Sector – Sauro Pasini of ENEL and Allan Jones of PowerGen.

Johan Vanormelingen

Sauro Pasini        Allan Jones

We aim to publish the programmes and all other details of the Linkebeek TOTeM Cluster 2002 shortly. Meanwhile do not forget to pencil them into your agenda/diary. All updates will be placed at: