• TOTeM29 – Characterisation of Secondary Fuels for Co-firing with Pulverised Coal

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IFRF is pleased to announce that the second 2006 Topic Orientated Technical Meeting and Workshop will be held at the University of Munich on Thursday October 12th and Friday October 13th 2006. The topic of TOTeM 29 will be the “Characterisation of Secondary Fuels for Co-firing with Pulverised Coal”. This TOTeM will be organised and Chaired by Professor Hartmut Spliethoff of University of Munich who is also the IFRF Superintendent of Research.

Characterisation of Secondary Fuels and their blends with pulverised coal has been a major theme of the IFRF Research Station’s experimental and modelling activities in recent years. TOTeM 29 will provide an opportunity to review the work undertaken by the Research Station, its partners and IFRF Members in this area. It is also proposed to continue with this theme in the new IFRF Members Research Programme described in MNM issue 18, and TOTeM 29’s linked workshop will provide an opportunity for IFRF Members to participate in the discussion and development of this new programme, as well as to seek other opportunities for collaborative work in this area.

Further details of the programme will be published in the IFRF Calendar of events in due course at this page http://www.calendar.ifrf.net/event.html?id=191, and promoted in the Monday Night Mail. Unfortunartely, it will be necessary to limit attendance at this TOTeM to 50 participants.