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Jim Seebold

TOTeM27 “Process Heating in the Petroleum, Petrochemical and Chemical Industries: Identifying Trends and Satisfying Needs through Leveraged External Research” will be held on Wednesday, 26th November, in the Kingston Theatre, Austin Court, 80 Cambridge Road, Birmingham City Centre, UK.

Jim Seebold – Chairman TOTeM27

It will immediately follow TOTeM26 “Carbon Dioxide – Control – Capture – Sequestration Storage and Emissions Trading – . . .”  to be held on Tuesday, 25th November at the same venue and the intervening not-to-be-missed soiree on Tuesday evening at the Jury’s Inn.

Today’ petroleum industry companies say they want leveraged external research. “More for less” is today’s battle cry and petroleum is the most combustion-intensive industry.  In the Research Station at IJmuiden, IFRF operates an ideal venue for carrying out leveraged external research with all the equipment, instrument and technical support any combustion project could possibly need.

Accordingly, one of the purposes of TOTeM27 will be to explore means of assisting the petroleum industry companies in walking the talk. We will also explore the reasons why some of the industry’s top-priority combustion needs are not being addressed and, assuming that leveraged external research really is a good thing today, to see what if anything we may be able to do about that.

In my role as Chairman, I promise to see to it that the railroad runs on time, wielding the hook on invited speakers who run over, so as to provide plenty of time for discussion at the end.

By my keynote, “The coal-fired refinery and other futurist dreams – the future is farther off than it used to be!” and meeting-management style I shall also do my best to see to it that a mood is set that encourages openness, risk taking and frank exchanges.  I hope that you will join us and contribute!

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