• TOTeM22-Combustion Trends in the Power Generation Industry

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      Peter Roberts

As we recalled last week, the Linkebeek TOTeMs, will be hosted by our Belgian Member Organisation, Laborelec, based at Linkebeek, just south of Brussels and will cover the following topics:

12th November 2002 – TOTeM21  Combustion Trends in the Cement and Mineral Processing Industry.

On the evening of 12th November there will be a Joint TOTeM buffet dinner.

13th November 2002 – TOTeM22 – Combustion Trends in the Power Generation Industry.

Since last Monday we have been concentrating on programme development. The advisory team for TOTeM22 have agreed the following outline “Topics” programme for the Invited Lectures:

Agreed Concept Programme for Topics of Invited Lectures

  • Requirements for pollution control in the Power Generation Industry
  • Research for the Power Generation Industry programmes at the IFRF Research Station
  • PowerFlam – The developing concept for Research and Handbook knowledge bases for IFRF Member Organisations in the Power Generation Industry
  • Trends in the co-combustion of fossil substitute fuels
  • Trends in Gas Turbine Combustion
  • Trends in Fluidised Bed Combustion
  • Carbon Trading – What’s in it for IFRF Member Organisations

This week we intend to complete the invitation and update the programme accordingly. We have commenced updating the Linkebeek TOTeM site on http://www.combustion-centre.ifrf.net/meetings/totems/linkebeek2002/. As the programme is developed further we will update this site accordingly.

Meanwhile we should remind you that:

  • You should enter this event in your agenda/diary;
  • Service providers to both the Power Generation and the Cement and Mineral Processing Industrial Sectors should recall that we encourage the smaller poster presentation style exhibitions of your services;
  • All IFRF Member Organisations have the right to present poster of their research and development relevant to the topics of the TOTeM

Full details of costs, registration procedures and exhibition poster session procedures will be published shortly.