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      Peter Roberts

Starting tomorrow until Wednesday, we will be holding the 21st and 22nd Topic Oriented Technical Meetings (TOTeM21 and TOTeM22).


TOTeM21: Combustion Trends in Cement and Mineral Processing Industries
12th November 2002


TOTeM22: Combustion Trends in Power Generation Industries
13th November 2002

To remind our readers, the general objectives of the TOTeMs are:

  • To review the state-of-the art with respect to the technical topics chosen through a series of invited lectures from experts working in the field;
  • To review work of IFRF members, usually through poster presentations;
  • From these reviews and a thorough discussion, to determine the short, medium and long term technical objectives of the IFRF with respect to the topic;
  • To determine where adequate technical information already exists and can be made available to IFRF Member Organisations, for example, via the IFRF Online Combustion Handbook;
  • To note the restrictions imposed, for example by legislation;
  • To determine the requirements for future research including identifying what projects may be carried out within the Members’ Research Projects programme;
  • To draw conclusions and publish these findings to the Members of the IFRF.

The Linkebeek TOTeM Series aims to gather members from our two industrial sectors namely: the Cement and Mineral Processing Industries and the Power Generation Industries. In this regard, the chairmen of both TOTeMs (Dr. Barrie Jenkins and Dr. Johan Vanormelingen) have the primary role of bringing together discussion and drawing out the conclusions in relation to the technical needs of their industrial sectors.

Lastly, we would like to thank LABORELEC for sponsoring both TOTeMs. For further details you can visit your web address given below: