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From today, IFRF Members can access a complete overview of the TOTeM events which have taken place over the last 20 years.   For a large number of the meetings, electronic copies of the presentations and summaries can be directly downloaded from the IFRF website.  Where this is not possible, special requests for particular documents or more information are cordially invited.

A total of 33 TOTeMs have been organised since the first event in October 1989 which was entitled “Capabilities and limitations of mathematical models of flames.”  The most recent took place in Pisa in February this year and the topic was Rotary Kilns.  A new TOTeM is currently being planned for April 2010 on the subject of Gas Turbines.

The generic objectives behind the concept of an IFRF Topic Oriented Technical Meeting (TOTeM) are:

  • To review the state-of-the-art within a particular topic through a series of invited lectures from experts in the field
  • To review related work by the IFRF and its members
  • From this assessment, and a thorough discussion, to determine the requirements for future research
  • To draw conclusions and to publish these findings to the Members of the IFRF

We are very pleased to be able to offer our Members quick and easy access to this valuable store of archived information.  In the next phase of the project, we plan to extend the IFRF archive with digitized versions of the papers presented at each of the past IFRF International Conferences.  An overview of the 16 Conferences which have been organised to date will be integrated into the Conferences TOTeMs and Workshops area of the IFRF website as an adjunct to the TOTeM information.

Our thanks go to those who have worked behind the scenes to make the TOTeM information available in this format.  We look forward to receiving feedback from users.