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      Peter Roberts

Detailed planning for the Autumn TOTeM campaign is continuing apace.

The first event is TOTeM25 – The Stockholm TOTeM – scheduled for 23rd and 24th October 2003, to be held at the premises of Jernkantoret our long time Swedish Member Organisation.

This TOTeM – The Quest for Zero Emissions in Industrial Furnaces – State of the Art and Future Development of High Temperature Air Combustion. The Overall Chairman is Wlodzimierz Blasiak of the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. The TOTeM has two main sessions:

The first session, 23rd October, Emissions Reduction in the Iron and Steel Industry is co-chaired by Frank Fitzgerald, President of British Flame, and long time Research Director in the British Steel industry.

The second session, 24th October, Challenges for Emissions Reduction with HTAC in a Broad Range of Industries, will be Chaired by Wlodzimierz Blasiak.

The second event – The Birmingham TOTeM Cluster – comprises TOTeM26 and TOTeM27, scheduled for 25th and 26th November 2003 and hosted by British Flame.

TOTeM26 – Carbon Dioxide – Control – Concentration – Sequestration – Emissions Trading …  – takes place on 25th November. We are happy to announce that TOTeM26 will be chaired Nick Otter – Director, Technology and External Affair, Alstom Power Technology, and, among other tasks, Mission Leader of DTI (UK) International Technology Service Mission on CO2 Capture and Storage.

TOTeM27 – Process Heating in Petroleum, Petro-chemical and Chemical industries: Identifying Trends and Satisfying Needs through Leveraged External Research takes place on 26th November. As previously announced that TOTeM26 will be chaired by Jim Seebold, who has led various industry-government-university combustion research projects and has been the technical advisor to various committees of US DOE, US EPA and many other government agencies.