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T43 - a full house.jpgTOTeM 43 “Safe design and operation of fired equipment in the oil and gas industry: Challenges and best practices” took place in Sheffield on June 2nd and 3rd. Over 75 participants considered and discussed the safety aspects of combustion in the various types of fired equipment in use by the oil and gas industry. A particular focus was the development and deployment of the various safety standards in use by the industry, in particular the API standards. You will find a call for expertise relating to further development of ISO/CEN/API standards in another article in this issue of Monday Night Mail

The TOTeM was prepared and chaired by Jacques Dugué of Total and former IFRF President and Tom Gilmartin of BP. IFRF expresses its grateful thanks to Tom and Jacques, as well as to Roger Dudill of British Flame who took on the role of local organiser.

TOTeM 43 was the first safety focused TOTeM to be organised by IFRF. It confirms the great interest that exists in this aspect of industrial combustion, and foreshadows the addition of safe combustion as an additional objective of the IFRF as it rewrites its statutes as part of the relocation to the UK. Presentations by invited industry experts, as well as the IFRFs initial conclusions, programme, attendance lists are now available for download by IFRF Members from http://www.ifrf.net/page/conference-notes/index-conferences . An IFRF report giving more detail on the TOTeM 43 discussions as well as the broader topic of safety in fired equipment has been drafted by TOTeM Rapporteur Dave Wilson, and will be made available to IFRF Members and TOTeM 43 participants later in the summer.

We are pleased to confirm that Jacques Dugué will continue to offer his expertise to the IFRF’s Joint Committee though his participation as ‘B Member Safety’. We are also pleased to welcome Tom Gilmartin to the Joint Committee as ‘B Member Flares’.