• TOTeM 39, Oxy-coal Combustion, June 18/19th 2013

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As part of the EC co-funded RELCOM Project, IFRF will organise a TOTeM on the topic of Oxy-coal Combustion. The event will be held in Pisa on June 18th and 19th 2013 on the premises of  ENEL Research and Engineering.

With keynote addresses on the current status of Oxy-coal Combustion research and application, the programme will be constructed around invited reviews on specific Oxy-coal technologies.  These will include:

  • Coal characterisation in oxy/RFG
  • Flame ignition and stabilisation
  • Burner development for Oxy-coal
  • Heterogeneous phenomena in oxy/coal combustion
  • Radiation and heat transfer modelling
  • Ash
  • Heavy  Metals
  • Modelling and scaling of Oxy-coal Flames
  • Explosions
  • High Temperature Corrosion
  • Pressurised Oxy-coal combustion

The TOTeM will incorporate the usual opportunities for discussion of research needs and priorities.

June 16/17th is the feast of San Ranieri in Pisa, when the whole town will be lit up in the festival of lights, and there will be a competitive regatta on the river Arno between boat crews from the four quarters of Pisa.

We have identified the Abitalia Tower Plaza Hotel as the TOTeM Hotel. It is convenient for both ENEL and the old town of Pisa and currently has room availability for both the weekend and the days of the TOTeM. We are unable to hold rooms at this hotel, so we recommend booking early.

Click here to discover more on the San Ranieri festival.

A registration form and First Announcement will be published on the IFRF Events Calendar in time for the next issue of MNM when we will provide more information.