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IFRF Members can now download the full proceedings from TOTeM 35 – Co-firing secondary fuels in power generation: from fuel characterization to full scale testing.  The meeting brought 25 secondary fuel specialists together in Pisa two weeks ago to discuss a current FP7 EU funded project entitled “Demonstration of Large Scale Biomass Co-Firing and Supply Chain Integration – DEBCO”. 

The presentations were given by representatives from some of the 17 organisational participants in the project, many IFRF Members.  Invited guest speakers were IFRF Superintendent of Research Hartmut Spliethoff, and Flemming Frandsen, Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark.

Introductory and summary documentation was provided by meeting rapporteur Neil Fricker, who is also the IFRF’s Deputy Superintendent of Research..

Watch next week’s MNM for an announcement about TOTeM 36- Industrial Flares, held last week in Hawaii.