• TOTeM 31 presentations now on line

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The proceedings of TOTeM 31 are now available on the IFRF website.  In addition to copies of each presentation given at the meeting, the TOTeM 31 site contains the meeting programme, an introduction to the TOTeM concept by IFRF Director Leonardo Tognotti, and a summary of the proceedings by IFRF Deputy Superintendent of Research Neil Fricker.  This summary is a preliminary draft and will be replaced with an official IFRF D report when this is available.   Photos and video footage will also be added when available.

The presentations may be downloaded by IFRF members only and a user name and password will be requested.  Members are invited to peruse the rest of the Conferences, Workshops and TOTeMs site which contains documentation relating to earlier TOTeMs (incomplete but in the process of being published in their entirety).  The proceedings of the 2007 International Members’ Conference are also available.