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TOTeM 30,  “Computational Fluid Dynamics – Simulation of Combustion Processes” was held in Waikoloa, Hawaii in 2007 and sponsored by the American Flame Research Committee (AFRC).   The organiser was John Zink Company, LLC.

The main objective of TOTeM 30 was to review advances in CFD relative to the field of fossil fuel combustion in industrial processes.  A total of seven invited talks were given by leading experts and the following key areas were covered: 

  • Combustion and flame simulation: current status and the latest development in CFD
  • Development and Application of Large Eddy Simulations (LES)
  • CFD in industrial combustion processes: applications and development needs
  • Advancement in simulating turbulence-combustion interactions
  • Combustion chemistry in CFD simulations
  • Progress in simulating liquid fuel combustion

The talks were followed by a workshop conducted in two parts.  The first reviewed the output from a workshop on CFD Benchmarking which had taken place at the 15th International IFRF Members Conference.  The second comprised  a round table discussions of the needs for the CFD/Combustion community.

The proceedings concluded with an IFRF Members’ Meeting in which the approach to be taken in the IFRF Members Research Program was presented for further discussion.

The meeting took place at the same venue and immediately after the American – Japanese Flame Research Committees’ International Symposium – “Advances in Combustion Technology: Improving the Environment and Energy Efficiency”. It was well attended with 50 participants from 9 countries and will be remembered for lively discussions and an excellent social ambiance in beautiful surroundings.

The summary and conclusions of TOTeM 30 are published together as IFRF Doc. No. D121/y/19.  IFRF Members can download this document as well as the speaker presentations from the above link.