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IFRF Topic Orientated Technical Meeting 29 (TOTeM 29) will take place at the University of Munich on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th October. The Topic is ‘Characterisation of Biofuels for Co-combustion’.

On Thursday October 12th, under the Chairmanship of IFRF Superintendent of Research Professor Hartmut Spliethoff, invited speakers will present the results of their R&D activities under two IFRF supported European Consortium Programmes, BIOFLAM and POWERFLAM2. Several complimentary presentations on similar work from other Consortia are also included, and in addition, several delegates have already indicated their intention of displaying posters on a similar theme. Delegates are reminded that there is still an opportunity to propose posters.

On Friday October 13th, IFRF President Professor Mikko Hupa will chair the TOTeM29 Workshop including:

  • an industry panel to present and answer questions on the current industry activity in this area
  • an interactive discussion with the industry panel on ‘R&D Needs’
  • a ‘Partnership Exchange’ in which delegates wishing to seek partners for new European Consortia will present their initial ideas in a poster based networking session. Delegates with an interest in proposing or seeking a new partnership to apply for cofunding from the EC FP7 programme are invited to propose posters for this session.

The TOTeM will end with an optional lunch at 13.00 on Friday 13th October.

Accommodation for TOTeM29 participants has been set aside at the Achat Hotel near Munich Airport. Buses will be available to carry participants between this hotel and the TOTeM29 venues. A limited number of rooms can be booked (on a first come first served basis) under the registration keyword: TOTEM 29, at price: 65,– Euros for a single room /1 night incl. breakfast. Participants should make their reservations direct with the hotel at:

Achat Hotel Airport-München, 85735 Neufahrn, Dietersheimer Str. 58

Main Web pages for Achat Hotels:  http://www.achat-hotel.de/ 
English language web pages for the Munich Airport Achat hotel:  http://www.achat-hotel.de/wEnglisch/02_hotels/Uebersicht_Hotels/23_Uebersicht.php)
Email: neufahrn@achat-hotel.de
Telephone: +49 8165 630 0:
Fax: +49 8165 630 100,

The full Technical Programme can be downloaded from   http://www.calendar.ifrf.net/event.html?id=191 .

Confirmed Speakers/organisations for TOTeM29 are:

  • L Tognotti, (Director IFRF): Introduction to the BioFlam Project
  • N Fricker (IFRF): Introduction to the IFRF PowerFlam Activity
  • J Maier, (University of Stuttgart, Germany): Impact of fuel quality and fuel preparation on combustion
  • S Leiser, (University of Stuttgart, for IFRF): Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor characterisation of solid fuels and their blends
  • T Griffiths (Cardiff University, UK): A new experimental approach for fuel characterisation
  • N Rossi (ENEL, Italy): Small scale burner testing approach to fuel characterisation
  • R Korbee (ECN, NL)): Characterisation of slagging and fouling deposits
  • F Frandsen, (Danish Technical University): Prediction of slagging and fouling
  • S Sable (TU Delft/TUM): Impact of co-combustion on Corrosion, slagging and emissions
  • R Weber (TU Clausthal): Slagging Studies related to biomass co-firing
  • E Alonso (TUM, Germany): Comparison and development of on-line corrosion monitoring
  • E Kakaras (NTU Athens): Comparison of test methods for biofuel characterisation
  • T Golec ( IEN Poland): CFD Modelling of the BioFlam results
  • B Venneker (TU Delft, NL): CFD Modelling of co-combustion at the Maasvlakte power plant
  • S Wilcox (University of Glamorgan, UK): ‘Artificial Intelligence’ approaches to modelling co-combustion
  • T Griffiths (Cardiff University, UK):  Spreadsheet approaches to modelling co-combustion; comparisons with CFD