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Last week the University of Munich hosted the 29th Topic Orientated Technical Meeting (TOTeM 29) about the Characterization of Biofuels for Combustion.

Professor Hartmut Spliethoff, IFRF Superintendent of Research, chaired the meeting, which was attended by about 45 people coming from universities, research centres and industries from all over Europe.

About 20 presentations were given on the different aspects of biomass utilization as co-fuel in power generation. 15 posters were displayed as well. The minutes and the copies of the presentations will be published in the IFRF website in the “Combustion Trends” section.  

Particularly interesting was the panel on Large Scale Experience on Co-Combustion and Current Research Needs, chaired by Mikko Huppa, President of IFRF, which involved five power generation companies operating in Europe.

From the lively discussion period, which included also the current status of FP7 Calls, it became clear that IFRF has several roles to play. For example:

  • a wide range of topics discussed requires further research;
  • the TOTeM 29 approach to bring the power generation sector together with universities and research centres was successful;
  • combustion engineers and scientists were invited by IFRF to form specific groups interested in different possible research subjects related to biofuels production and utilisation for the next FP7

The TOTeM dinner took place in a beautiful Munich style restaurant where attendants enjoyed the food and the pleasant environment.


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      T29 IFRF President Hupa and other members of the Industry Panel