• TOTeM 29 Characterisation of Biofuels for Co-combustion

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The 29th IFRF Topic Orientated Technical Meeting (TOTeM29) will be held at the University of Munich (TUM) on October 12th & 13th 2006. The TOTeM has been organised on behalf of the IFRF by IFRF Superintendent of Research. Professor Hartmut Spliethoff of TUM. The event will start with registration at 09.00 on Thursday October 12th, and end with lunch on Friday October 13th.

The format of the TOTeM will follow the established pattern of presenting a state of the art review of the topic by invited speakers, followed by interactive sessions in which the current needs of industry for R&D relating to the topic will be expounded and developed, and routes to satisfying these needs explored. Given the timing of this TOTeM in relation to the launch of the European Commission’s 7th Framework R&D funding programme in 2007, the TOTeM will conclude with a ‘Partnership Exchange’ providing all participants with the opportunity to seek and interact with other participants with whom they might establish R&D Consortia to seek 7th Framework Funding.

For the ‘state of the art’ presentations, speakers have been sought from participants in the BioFlam and PowerFlam2 projects. IFRF was a partner on both these EC funded projects which have recently reached administrative completion. TOTeM29 will be a unique opportunity for IFRF Members to hear directly from Consortium members of the progress made in these projects. The full list of speakers/organisations presenting is given below.

For the workshop to expound and develop industry’s R&D Needs, a panel of IFRF Power Industry representatives has been formed which will include ENEL, KEMA, EdF and may also include representation from RWE, Laborelec and VGB (to be confirmed).

The TOTeM will conclude with a  ‘Partnership Exchange’. This will allow delegates to put up posters about their ideas for new partnerships in this area, or their offers of input to new partnerships. After a very brief introduction of each proposition, the poster session will allow interaction between all the delegates. At the end of the session, the poster providers will be invited to report back on the interest they had received and their action plans to take things forward. The timing of TOTeM29 is ideal for those wishing to use this occasion to prepare partnerships as a prequel to the European Commission’s 7th Framework R&D Funding round. Non-Europeans are reminded that they are able to participate in such consortia, although they may not always be eligible for EC co-funding.

Participants are invited to submit posters presenting their own technical developments relating to the co-firing theme, as well as posters summarising their interests or proposals for partnership based R&D projects on the theme of co-firing. The latter will form the basis of the partnership exchange on October 13th.

A TOTeM Dinner (Munich style) will be organised on the evening of October 12th to provide an opportunity for less formal networking.

Registration forms for this meeting are available to download from  http://www.calendar.ifrf.net/event.html?id=191 . As numbers are limited, please register early to ensure your place (we have about 20 places remaining).   Registration is open to IFRF Individual Members and others from IFRF Member Organisations. Non-members with an interest in a closer association with the IFRF may also attend subject to space being available. Please contact IFRF Velsen Office Director Neil Fricker for further information (neil.fricker@ifrf.net). The registration fee of 250 Euros includes participation in the TOTeM on both days, poster display, lunch, tea and coffee, and participation in the TOTeM Dinner on October 12th. Accommodation is not included (see below).

Accommodation for TOTeM29 participants has been block-booked at the Achat Hotel near Munich Airport. Buses will be available to carry participants between this hotel and the TOTeM29 venues. These rooms will not be guaranteed beyond the month of September. The rooms can be booked under the registration keyword: TOTEM 29, at price: 65,– Euros for a single room /1 night incl. breakfast. Participants should make their reservations direct with the hotel at:

Achat Hotel Airport-München, 85735 Neufahrn, Dietersheimer Str. 58

Main Web pages for Achat Hotels:  http://www.achat-hotel.de/ ,
English language web pages for the Munich Airport Achat hotel:  http://www.achat-hotel.de/wEnglisch/02_hotels/Uebersicht_Hotels/23_Uebersicht.php  )
Email: neufahrn@achat-hotel.de
Telephone: +49 8165 630 0:
Fax: +49 8165 630 100,

The full Technical Programme can be downloaded from   http://www.calendar.ifrf.net/event.html?id=191 . Confirmed Speakers/organisations for TOTeM29 are:

  • L Tognotti, (Director IFRF): Introduction to the BioFlam Project
  • N Syred, (Cardiff University, UK): Introduction to the PowerFlam2 project
  • R Weber, (TU Clausthall, Germany): Grinding and Ignition of Biomass
  • J Maier, (University of Stuttgart, Germany): Impact of fuel quality and fuel preparation on combustion
  • S Leiser, (University of Stuttgart, for IFRF): Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor characterisation of solid fuels and their blends
  • Cardiff University, UK (Speaker to be confirmed): A new experimental approach for fuel characterisation
  • ENEL, Italy (Speaker to be confirmed): Small scale burner testing approach to fuel characterisation
  • R Korbee (ECN, NL)): Characterisation of slagging and fouling deposits
  • F Frandsen, (Danish Technical University): Prediction of slagging and fouling
  • TU Delft/TUM (Speaker to be confirmed): Impact of co-combustion on Corrosion, slagging and emissions
  • Alonso (TUM, Germany): Comparison and development of on-line corrosion monitoring
  • E Kakaras (NTU Athens): Comparison of test methods for biofuel characterisation
  • T Golec ( IEN Poland): CFD Modelling of the BioFlam results
  • B Venneker (TU Delft, NL): CFD Modelling of co-combustion at the Maasvlakte power plant
  • S Wilcox (University of Glamorgan, UK): ‘Artificial Intelligence’ approaches to modelling co-combustion
  • Cardiff University, UK (Speaker to be confirmed):  Spreadsheet approaches to modelling co-combustion; comparisons with CFD