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IFRF Topic Orientated Technical Meeting (TOTeM 29) took place at the Technical University of Munich in October 2006. The topic of the meeting was the Combustion Characterisation of Biofuels for Co-combustion.
A number of invited presentations were made of the output from two completed consortium projects in which the IFRF was a partner, namely the BioFlam and PowerFlam 2 projects.Both projects were undertaken by consortia of IFRF European Member Organisations. Both projects were co-funded by the European Commission, and the IFRF activities were also co-funded as part of the IFRF’s Members Research Programme.
Presentations were also invited from several other organisations undertaking complimentary Research on the same theme.
The TOTeM was supported by a Workshop where five IFRF Power Sector Member Organisations made brief presentations on the current drivers and technical issues that face them as they move to increase the amount of Biomass that they co-fire on their boilers. The presentations from both days were used to identify current technology gaps, and these are recorded in the summary of the meeting.
In a new departure, the TOTeM was completed by holding a ‘Partnership Exchange’ during which a match was sought between the technology gaps identified in the workshop and the topics expected to be included in the first call for R&D funding proposals under the European Commission’s 7th Framework R&D Funding Programme. During this Partnership Exchange, participants were able to record their interest in each of the four 7th Framework activities identified as matching the IFRF Member interests, namely:

Co-firing, emphasizing slagging and corrosion control, and based on the use of residues and energy crops when operating with high substitution ratios; this was expected to be an R&D project involving pilot scale and plant testing.

Large scale co-firing, examining sustainability issues and long-term plant durability as well as the impact on power plant performance. This was expected to be a demonstration project

Novel solid biofuels for power generation, fuels must be ready for commercialisation now, eg straw. Demonstration project.

High efficiency power generation demonstration project emphasizing high electrical efficiency, high reliability and low pollution.

All four topics have subsequently appeared in the EC’s first call for proposals under FP7. IFRF Members wishing to know more about this part of TOTeM 29 are invited to contact the TOTeM 29 Technical Secretary Neil Fricker (To send an e-mail to Neil Fricker click here). 
Today we publish the summary and conclusions of the meeting as IFRF Doc No D121/y/18. This report and the original presentations made at TOTeM 29 are now available for download by IFRF Individual Members from http://www.trends.ifrf.net/trends/project.html?pid=14