• TOTeM 28, Mercury, Trace Metals & Microparticulates – Issues and Solutions

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TOTeM 28 will take place on Monday March 13th and Tuesday March 14th 2006 at the University of Utah, Salt lake City, USA. This will be the first TOTeM to adopt the revised format first proposed at the 14th IFRF Members Conference and now adopted formally by the IFRF. This means that it will be followed on Tuesday 14th March by a Workshop which will seek to set an agenda for taking forward individual and co-operative R&D activities in the TOTeM topic area.

Being held outside Europe, this will also be the first TOTeM to form part of the recently announced globalisation of the IFRF’s meetings activities. TOTeM Chairman Professor Jost Wendt of the University of Utah has already arranged an exciting panel of invited speakers, which will allow the TOTeM to cover US, European and Japanese perspectives on this important topic. Further details of the TOTeM programme may be found at http://www.calendar.ifrf.net/event.html?id=155.

On this occasion, the TOTeM and the associated Workshop will be open to IFRF Members and Non-Members. Professor Wendt is also opening a call for posters to compliment and extend the ground to be covered by the TOTeM 28 invited presentations. Proposals for posters should be forwarded to Jost on wendt@reaction-eng.com

TOTeM 28 will be followed by the AFRC Spring Meeting on March 15th and 16th. This will provide a broader complimentary technical programme as an option for TOTeM 28 participants. Utah and Salt Lake City also offer excellent opportunities for skiing and other resort activities during the mid-March period – more details of this and the accommodation at Utah will follow.