• TOTeM 28 – Mercury, trace metals and fine particulates – Issues and Solutions

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The following presentations, made at TOTeM 28 in Salt Lake City, are now available for download by IFRF Members from the IFRF website at http://www.trends.ifrf.net/trends/project.html?pid=15

• Mercury control strategies and emerging state and Federal regulations
• Mercury emissions issues in the United States, China, and the developing world
• An update on US DOE’s Mercury R&D Program
• EU Directives and national legislation relative to micro-particulates and trace metals
• Mercury sampling and analysis: issues and solutions
• Hg partitioning, formation and control in electric utilities and in cement plants
• Mechanisms and models for Hg oxidation reactions
• Ash utilisation and coal pre-treatment issues
• Micro-pollutant research at Pisa University and ENEL
• The EU Project TOMERED – Results of trace metal investigations
• Arsenic and selenium partitioning during coal combustion
• Soot Oxidation – with and without additives

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