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      Neil Fricker

Totem 24, “Challenges in the Development of the IFRF High Efficiency Combustion Programme – The Excess Enthalpy Combustion project”  offers an important opportunity for IFRF Members to:

  • improve awareness of the techniques, origins and benefits of Flameless Combustion, which has already offered significant improvements in furnace efficiency and substantially reduced NOx emissions in the metallurgical sector
  • receive a complete overview of the Japanese Government funded work the IFRF undertook during the 1990’s on Flameless Combustion
  • monitor and influence the current IFRF HEC (High Efficiency Combustion) project, which is extending the IFRF’s studies on Flameless Combustion, and is paid for from IFRF Members’ own funds leveraged with cofunding by private and government sponsors in the Netherlands.
  • directly influence the future research programmes of the IFRF on this topic through consideration of the extension of Flameless Combustion studies into other industry sectors and processes.

Totem 24 will be almost entirely devoted to presenting and discussing the Flameless Combustion work of the IFRF Research Station. To my knowledge, this is the first time in many years that this type of opportunity has been available to IFRF members. To make the occasion even more unique, TOTeM 24 will this year replace the normal technical meeting of the IFRF Joint Committee (the IFRF’s Board of Directors), with representatives of the Joint Committee in attendance to listen to your comments and opinions. The outcome of the TOTeM will be available for immediate consideration at the Business Meeting of the Joint Committee which takes place the day after Totem 24.

I invite all Main Contact Persons and IFRF Individual Members to ensure that the views of their company or institution are adequately represented at this TOTeM. Please also take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn more about the origins and potential of this exciting new development in industrial combustion.

Totem 24, will take place at the new premises of the IFRF Communications Centre in IJmuiden on 19th of March 2003. It will run in association with the Steel Sector Totem 23 to be held at the same location on 18th of March. Further information on both TOTeM Programmes, location and travel/accommodation arrangements will be found at:


Don’t miss this important opportunity to have your say in the current and future research programmes of the IFRF. I look forward to meeting and hearing the views of as many members as possible.