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This morning Dr. Jaroslaw Hercog (Jarek) arrived at IFRF office in Livorno from Poland, for starting his first six month period as investigator. He was selected among several other candidates during last June and he is going to spend a post-doc period at IFRF, on the solid fuels program.

He carried out the M.Sc. thesis at the Wroclaw University of Technology in 2000, for which he gained an award in M.Sc. Thesis Competition in Faculty of Power Engineering. In the same year he started his Ph.D. studies under the supervision of Professor Rybak. During that time he has established a reputation as a talented and hard-working person, keenly applying his good knowledge of, and aptitude for solid fuel combustion.
He obtained good results in his Ph. D. dissertation, entitled “Influence of combustion conditions and coal rank on NOx emission and unburned carbon loss“, which he defended in 2006. The aim of his thesis was to reveal an influence of coal characteristics and combustion conditions on NOx emission and unburned carbon loss during single- and two-staged combustion.
From 2006 Dr. Hercog has been working as a research investigator at the Wroclaw University of Technology. His activities were in the field of the coal and biomass pyrolysis and combustion and he collaborated in many projects on coal quality effects on boiler operation and pollutant emissions.
Dr. Hercog will be involved in the development of the solid fuel characterization database, and in particular he will review the existing approaches on solid fuel characterization methodologies, he will organise the existing IFRF reports dealing with solid fuel characterisation and he will participate to the new tests scheduled for next October and November, and at the beginning of 2008.
He will collaborate in the definition of the structure of the database interacting with IFRF staff, Superintendent of Research and several IFRF member organisations for the development  of the IFRF solid fuel characterisation database.