• Three new Combustion Files in the IFRF Handbook

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This week sees the publication of three new Combustion Files in the IFRF Handbook. The first, CF100, describes the fuels used in a typical integrated iron and steel works, and is the final element in the preparations for TOTeM23 (Energy use in iron and steel industries) which will take place tomorrow (March 18th 2003) in IJmuiden. The other two are cross-linked files dealing with the selection of sampling positions  for emissions or velocity measurements in undisturbed (CF204) or disturbed (CF 205) flows of flue gases. 
CF100: What are typical fuel gases used in integrated iron and steelworks? – Open Domain 
CF204: How are traverse points selected for sampling air pollutants in undisturbed flows of flue gases? – Members’ Domain

CF205: How are traverse points selected for sampling air pollutants in disturbed flows of flue gases? – Members’ Domain

To view or download these new files, please go to www.handbook.ifrf.net and select New Combustion Files after agreeing the disclaimer screen. This area of the handbook contains links to all the Combustion Files published in the last two months including the latest three.
As part of this weeks TOTeM activity, I invite all IFRF Individual Members interested by the topics of TOTeM 23 and TOTeM 24 (Flameless Combustion), but who are unable to participate in person in these TOTeMs, to email handbook@ifrf.net with your comments for the development of the Handbook in the generic areas of Metals Heating and/or Flameless Combustion, so that we can take account of your views in assessing the members needs and opportunities for these two topics. Please respond this week.