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Last week, at the experimental station in Livorno, the new measurement programme on the furnace “FOSPER” continued, and first data were obtained on a coal flame. Preliminary results will be available soon and can be requested at info@ifrf.net.

These measurements are the core part of the first experimental campaign that the new IFRF will carry out this month and in the early 2007. During this campaign, a detailed characterisation is planned on coal flames generated by different low NOx burners. This will provide the references for developing and testing suitable mathematical model of the furnace and the burners.

Reports of measurement campaigns on similar flames, produced in the nineties at IJmuiden on furnace #1, have also been carefully selected for providing additional reference cases for modellers to be analysed and benchmarked. This programme aims to increase and improve the capabilities of CFD codes to predict the performances of industrial combustion systems.

Members interested in participating to a benchmarking exercise can contact leo.tognotti@ifrf.net  for details.

During these trials, new IFRF and Livorno Experimental Area team is testing the diagnostics capabilities of the station, in terms of measurement probes and instruments, since several tests are planned for the next year in the experimental facilities available in Livorno. As a matter of fact, enquires were received from members and non members, for testing burners and components with new and conventional fuels.

If you are interested in knowing better the capabilities of the new Research Station, refer to “Combustion diagnostics at the new IFRF Experimental Area: opportunities for new research programmes” by Mario Graziadio and Leonardo Tognotti  (download http://mnm.ifrf.net/downloads/LivornoExperimentalArea3.pdf ). This lecture was presented at the Workshop “COMBUSTION DIAGNOSTICS: The Route Map to Increased Efficiency, Lower Emissions and Improved Product Quality” organized by British Flame at Swinden House Conference Centre at the Corus Swinden Technology Centre, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, 23rd November 2007 (see http://www.britishflame.org.uk).
In this presentation the characteristics of the experimental facilities available to IFRF are described and examples are given on data and information that each experimental rig is able to produce. For further details on the experimental facilities and their availability, do not hesitate to contact the IFRF staff at info@ifrf.net.