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      Lucy Straker

      IFRF Administration & Communication Coordinator

In 2020, three papers have been published in the Industrial Combustion Journal, with more being assessed by our Editorial Board as I type. The three papers and their authors are listed below. Click the paper titles to read the abstracts and download the full paper:

  1. “A paradigm shift in steam assisted elevated flare systems” by Jan De Ren, Kurt Kraus and Christopher Ferguson in July 2020
  2. “RANS and LES of turbulent premixed flame dynamics for gas turbine combustion systems” by Naresh K. Aluri and Siva PR Muppala in June 2020
  3. “Heavy fuel oil combustion in a cement rotary kiln: Measurement and modelling” by Ruben Mouangue, Stephane Ngako, Justin Tégawendé Zaida and Alexis Kuitche in April 2020

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