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In September 1999, the International Flame Research Foundation established an electronic journal on industrial combustion under the guidance of the Founding Editor in Chief, Professor Terry Wall, and his team at the University of New South Wales, Newcastle, NSW, Australia. This publication is known as: The IFRF ONLINE Combustion Journal.

Terry Wall Founding Editor-in-Chief

Steve Richardson Journal Secretary

The primary intention of The Journal is that all papers submitted and approved for publication would be made available to a much wider audience with a much faster turnaround time.  At the same time, every effort would be made to ensure a high quality publication with rigorous peer review.  This therefore provides an advantage over conventional combustion literature.

In this respect, we have succeeded in achieving our primary objectives during the first three years of the Journal life. This claim is justified by our statistics in terms of quantity and speed of reaction. We decided initially on a “no-edition” policy. Rather when a paper was ready for publication, it was published, and its existence was advertised in the Journal’s sister publication, the Monday Night Mail. At the end of that week, the positive reaction of our readers was made clearly visible in our statistics in relation to site activity at http://www.journal.ifrf.net.

So we can justifiably conclude that the Journal has been successfully established as a reference for up-to-date combustion technology.  However, the task of editing the Journal does not only consume considerable effort but it is of course also a voluntary activity. Consequently it was generally agreed that the period for which the task should be undertaken should be fixed, and furthermore, that during 2002, the task of Editor-in-Chief would be handed over. At the end of September 2002, it was announced that the Editorial Office would be transferred to the CANMET Energy Technology Centre based in Ottawa, Canada, with the appointment of Pat Hughes as the New Editor in Chief.

We are happy to announce that the “handover” procedures have been completed effectively commencing 1st January 2003. Thus Editor in Chief Pat Hughes along with Leah Dell, the new Journal Secretary, has taken over editorial responsibility for the IFRF Online Combustion Journal.

Patrick Hughes – New Editor-in-Chief

Leah Dell – New Journal Secretary

The IFRF would like to express its thanks to Terry Wall and his team for their excellent efforts and the successful achievements made during the last three years, and to wish Pat Hughes and his team, all success in this new phase of the Journal development.

Publication will continue to be the task of the IFRF Communication Centre at IJmuiden in the Netherlands with the much-appreciated co-operation from Edgardo Coda Zabetta at Åbo Akademi, Turku, Finland.

The Message from the Ottawa Editorial Office can be read in full at http://www.journal.ifrf.net, the “bottom line” of which is that Pat takes pleasure in reissuing on behalf of the Journal’s Editorial Board, the invitation to the international combustion community to propose a paper covering recent R&D work relating to industrial combustion, for publication in this Journal.

Meanwhile the papers progressed through the Newcastle NSW Editorial Office are still being published – see the accompanying article in this edition of the MNM.