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      Peter Roberts

Preparation for the installation of the new High Efficiency Combustion Facility is proceeding apace – the site has been cleared and project specific site preparation has commenced. In the coming weeks we will be keeping you in touch with developments.

Meanwhile we are continuing our publication of the programme with an article which is to be published shortly in Metallurgia, the trade magazine published by DMG World Media (UK) Ltd..

Last August, the editor of this magazine contacted the IFRF and requested us to contribute an article about regenerative burners for their October issue.  We considered that this was a good opportunity to inform the metals sector know about the research activities of the Foundation. Therefore we agreed to contribute an article entitled: “High Efficiency Combustion: The new combustion technology for industrial furnaces”. This article was prepared by Peter Hoppesteyn and Stanley Santos and approved for publication by Willem van de Kamp and the writer.

Today we are publishing this article as IFRF Doc No: K70/y/154 on the Members Research Programme website – http://www.research.ifrf.net – in order that our Member Organisations and their representatives may preview the article.

The article can be downloaded by Registered IFRF Individual Members as follows:

  • Go to the Research web site at http://www.research.ifrf.net;
  • Go to Programmes – e.g. via the left hand sidebar,
  • Click on the “High Efficiency Combustion” banner on the Programmes page;
  • Check out the Documents list – the top of the list is K70/y/154
  • Click the title and enter your User Name and Password when the dialogue box appears;
  • Access the full document in HTML format, by clicking on “High Efficiency Combustion” and read on screen.
  • If in addition you wish to archive the document, click on the pdf download icon and file on your computer for printing or further reference.

If you have questions or comments contact us at members-research@ifrf.net.