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Since we started the autumn publication campaign on 12th September we have made the following publications.

19th September 2005, MNM Week 39
IFRF Electronic Journal Articles
Maintaining Burning Velocity of Exhaust-Diluted Methane/Air Flames by Partial Fuel Reformation
by S. Ponnusamy, M.D. Checkel and B.A. Fleck
Article Number 200506
NOx Emission from a Waste Derived Fuel Gasifier Gas Combustor using CFD Combined with Detailed Chemistry
by Anders Brink, Mikko Hupa, Esa Kurkela and Marjut Suomalainen
Article Number 200505

26th September 2005, MNM Week 40
IFRF Online Handbook Combustion Files
295 What is the Rayleigh Criterion for Combustion Driven Oscillations? – Open Domain
296 How do I apply the Rayleigh Criterion to suppress organ pipe Combustion Oscillations? – Members’ Domain
297 How do I apply the Rayleigh Criterion to suppress Helmlholtz cavity Combustion Oscillations? – Members’ Domain

10th October 2005, MNM Week 42
IFRF Members Research Programme
Study Report
G23/y/1 – Oxy-Coal Combustion with Flue Gas Recycle For the Power Generation Industry
A literature Review
by Raymond Tan, Giovanni Coraggio, Stanley Santos
http://www.research.ifrf.net/research/document.html?did=32 (Members Only)

17th October 2005, MNM Week 43
IFRF Electronic Journal Article
Combustion-Driven Oscillation in Process Heaters
by James G. Seebold
Article Number 200507

24th October 2005, Week 44
IFRF Members Research Programme
Research Digest
K170/y/156 – Towards Industrial Application of High Efficiency Combustion
by Ben Burggraaf, Barry Lewis, Peter Hoppesteyn, Neil Fricker, Stanley Santos and Berthil Slim
http://www.research.ifrf.net/research/document.html?did=33 (Members only)