• Test at IFRF Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor for free!

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brisk_logo_rgb small_small2.jpgWithin the mainframe of the EU BRISK project IFRF participates to the activity of promoting the Transnational Access for research activity. This means that IFRF is in a pleasant position to offer his IPFR (Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor) rig for biomass characterization to European research institutes (companies or universities), which wants to perform tests of high scientific interest. All the costs of the tests and the journey to IFRF facility will be fully refunded by EU!

The aim of the tests is the characterization of 2nd generation solid biofuels. In the IPFR plug flow reactor it is possible to characterize solid fuels with high heating rates, typical of the real industrial combustion conditions, and high residence times, up to 1.5 sec. In this rig devolatilisation and char combustion tests can be performed in a controlled environment. The temperatures and the chemical composition of the gas inside the reactor are monitored continuously and the uncertainties are low and precisely evaluated. The IFRF, together with other European rigs, represents the state of the art for solid fuel characterization in real industrial condition.


Whoever is interested to apply for tests at this rig must submit his proposal to the BRISK project Research Committee that will evaluate it and determine if it will suit in the project goals. One additional requirement of the founding is that the results should be published either in MSc thesis, PhD dissertation or in the scientific journals. You can find more details about the application at this link.

For any further information you are welcome to contact Tomasz Klajny, IFRF Director.