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Stork logo 2.jpgStork Thermeq is specialized in turnkey solutions for advanced water-steam technology. The company is part of the Stork Technical Services Group of Companies with its headquarters in Utrecht (NL). Stork was recently acquired by Fluor (US). Stork Thermeq has its manufacturing and service activities located in Hengelo (Ov.) and Moerdijk, both in the Netherlands.
The core activities are consulting & engineering, burner design and manufacturing, deaerator design and manufacturing, boiler services and a specialized department for energy efficiency called EES (Energy Efficiency Solutions).
Stork Thermeq is serving customers in different sectors: power stations, industrial power plants (for example refineries, paper industry, food processing), waste-to-energy, waste-to-product as well as EPC-contractors and consultants in power engineering.
For firing fossil fuels or sustainable energy sources Stork Thermeq is your partner for advanced and future oriented combustion technology.
And for direct firing and supplementary firing Stork Thermeq has dedicated burner systems including peripheral equipment (e.g. BMS).
The competitive edge of Stork Thermeq focuses on turnkey solutions for burner systems. This integrated approach aims to achieve your targets for fuel mix, flexibility, energy output and emissions (carbon footprint).
‘Integrated’’  means:

  • Specialists in mechanical burner design, processing, electronics/IT (BMS – Burner Management System) working on your project;
  • In-house Burner Research  (including CFD-analysis) + Engineering + Manufacturing + Assembly + Commissioning on-site.

Impressive track-record – especially in multi-fuel
Recently Stork Thermeq developed a burner system for thirteen different fuel types including some waste streams.

Stork Thermeq is an IFRF Member Organisation through the NVV (Netherlands Flame Research Committee)