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2003 Stockholm TOTeM

The Quest for Zero Emissions in Industrial Furnaces – State of the Art and Future Development of High Temperature Air Combustion

Jernkontoret, Stockholm, Sweden
23rd and 24th October 2003

This event is next week!  Current registration is almost full with only few seats available. So if you are interested in participating to this TOTeM – don’t wait, don’t hesitate and register now!


Last week, we have announced to our readers about the Common Interest Group meeting for the iron and steel industry to be held immediately after Session1 of TOTeM25. This meeting aims to establish the technical goals of the iron and steel industry in terms of their combustion research requirements to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. The Agenda will be announced during the TOTeM.

Also, we are glad to inform our readers that Pat Hughes of CANMET will also be joining this TOTeM and will present CANMET’s initiative regarding potential opportunities for research co-operation between Canadian and European iron and steel industry, service and combustion equipment providers and research institutes.

Furthermore, a report regarding the potential use of by-product iron and steelwork fuel gases will be presented by Neil Fricker and Jeff Rhine.  This tasks is commissioned in response to the conclusions of TOTeM23 and TOTeM24. This will be one of several key issues to be discussed regarding the future direction of IFRF combustion research for iron and steel industry.

For further information regarding details of Stockholm TOTeM, click on the link below:


This TOTeM is organised in co-operation with our Swedish Flame Research Committee, Jerkontoret, Royal Institute of Technology, SGC and Swedish Energy Agency.