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Mohamed.P2.jpgThe University of Sheffield is a top-100 global university, with over 27,000 students, founded in 1905.  The University undertakes extensive research on fossil fuel combustion and carbon capture & storage, led by Prof Mohamed Pourkashanian (pictured on left).

In 2012, Prof Pourkashanian was awarded c3mGBP by the UK Government’s Department of Energy to establish the PACT facilities – a national lab to collaborate with industry on combustion and carbon capture.  The extensive core facilities are based near the University of Sheffield; with linked facilities at the other PACT consortium partners (University of Nottingham, Edinburgh, Cranfield and Imperial College).

In a short time, PACT has quickly built up a portfolio of 15 projects with a total value of around 27m GBP. More than 30 industry partners are involved in the collaboration, as well as 25 universities from across the world.

PACT.jpgPACT core facilities offers access to recently upgraded test rigs and modelling capabilities, in summary below. Full details can be found on the PACT by clicking here.

• 250kW Air Combustion Plant (ACP)
• 250kW Oxyfuel Combustion Plant (OCP)
• Gas Turbine (GT)
• 25kW combustion rig
• 250kW rotary filter furnace
• 300kW Fluidised Bed Combustor
• Solvent-based Carbon Capture Plant
• Modelling capabilities
In addition, we can offer access to our partner facilities at other sites in the UK, which includes:
• 50kW Chemical Looping Plant
• 200kW Circulating Fluidised Bed Combustion (CFBC)/Gasification Plant
• 150kW Pulverised Fuel/Fluidised Bed Combustor System
• 1.5MWth Gas turbine Burner Rig