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      Giovanni Coraggio

The object of this second phase of the MEMOF 2000 Project was to characterise the Fosper furnace and the TEA-C burner with two different fuels, natural gas and coal, and also to test various swirler settings.

Gas species and temperature profiles inside the furnace were measured for every firing condition. In addition velocity field measurements were carried out for all the swirler settings.

These experiments gave us the possibility to test the modification that had been done to the furnace to reduce the slagging and the air infiltration.  The amount of data produced, together with the results of the first campaign, will be used by modellers to develop the mathemathical model of the furnace.

The experiments had another purpose for two MsC Engineering candidates who played an active role in the project in order to gather information to include in their graduation theses.  We wish them both a successful outcome.

More detailed information and all the experimental data will be published within the next months as an IFRF Report and will be immediately available for all IFRF Members.