• Season’s Greetings

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      Neil Fricker

To all Individual Members of the IFRF,
To all IFRF Joint Committee and National Committee Officers,
To all Members of our Scientific and Technical Advisory Group,
To the Editorial Boards of the Handbook and the Journal,
To all Open Publication Subscribers
To everyone who has work for us and with us,
And of course – to all our friends:

We have had a very busy 2002 with encouraging results,
We have had successful TOTeMs and Flame Days,
The new “High Efficiency Combustion” experimental facility is ready for installation at IJmuiden in the New Year,
The IFRF NET Technical Communications Services are developing with expanding use,
Therefore we can look forward to 2003.

We must acknowledge that this was achieved with a lot of cooperation from all our supporters – Therefore:

  • We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continuing support in 2002
  • We send you our best wished for the coming holiday season
  • Finally we hope that you all will have a healthy, a happy, and a prosperous 2003!