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At the end of June the IFRF emailed a message to the Main Contact Persons of all IFRF Members. It explained that as part of the restructuring of its operations, the IFRF has initiated a search for a new Director and a new location for its headquarters.  In the message it was stated that: “The IFRF is looking for a dynamic Director who will give scientific leadership to the IFRF, and who will see the appointment as a stepping-stone in international career development. Further the search for a Director may be linked to the search for a new location; a new home for the IFRF with an associated laboratory”.

Why a new home? – In recent times it became clear that the IJmuiden Research Station itself, and its exploitation company, were strongly in need of re-investment.  It was clear from discussions at the 150th Meeting of the Joint Committee, hosted by Vattenfall in Råcksta, Sweden, that the IFRF Members were not in a position to provide the reinvestment funds, but were of the opinion that access to high quality research information was an important facet of the future. Thus as part of the restructuring, the IFRF returned the facilities of its Research Station to CORUS, its site landlord.

One consequence of this was that the Foundation needs no longer to be based in the Netherlands.  However, recognising the need for the Foundation to seek alternative sources of new research information, the IFRF indicated its wish to become associated with an institute that has appropriate R&D resources and the possibility to co-operate in the acquisition of local and international funding to support their use. This situation comes at a time when there is in any event the need to seek a new Director and to restructure the organisation to meet the present day global requirements.  As stated above it was clear that these two requirements could be linked.

In the request for Expressions of Interest, it was foreseen that the new headquarters would satisfy a list of criteria such as access to experimental combustion facilities and good communication links. Individuals and organisations wishing to submit an expression of interest in either the directorship or the relocation were invited to contact the Director of the IFRF by, or before the end of August 2005. The response has been very encouraging; the Foundation wishes to thank all who have responded. Right now we have entered into exploratory discussions, including site visits, with the laboratories expressing interest.

Naturally we shall keep you up to date with progress and Joint Committee decisions.