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We started the summer campaign on Monday 30th May with a heavy emphasis on Research Publication.  To date in this campaign we have published:

IFRF Members Research Projects
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6th June – IFRF Doc No: F106/y/1 – Interim Research Report on the Combustion Characterization of Substitute Fuels for Co-Firing with Pulverized Coals during the period 2000-2001

13th June – IFRF Doc No: F108/y/3 – Experimental Results of the HEC-EEC Furnace and Burners firing Coke Oven Gas

IFRF Online Journal
(Open Domain)

20th June – Journal Article Number 200501Prediction of Combustion and NOx Emission Characteristics of Flameless Oxidation Combustion

20th June – Journal Article Number 200502 – Theoretical Study of COG and COG/BOF Gas Injection in a Blast Furnace

4th July – Journal Article Number 200503 – Increase of the Effective Energy from the Radiant Tube Equipped with Regenerative System in Comparison with Conventional Recuperative System

Other Research Publications
(Open Domain)

13th June –  AFRC-JFRC Fall Symposium CD available for sale