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      Giovanni Coraggio

During this summer IFRF is carrying out several research activities. Here is a brief description of the main ones.

In June the research team was involved in the measurements campaign in Ponferrada (Spain) for the IFRF member Doosan Babcock. Our task was to undertake in flame measurements inside the CIUDEN PF boiler (for further information see European Facilities Research Initiative database at this page) . The positive cooperation between IFRF, Doosan and Ciuden teams led to successful results  and all the measurements planned were carried out. IFRF is looking forward to possible future cooperation with these organizations.

In July the activity is focusing mainly in producing the following documents:
• Report of the Doosan Babcock tests
• Annexes to the deliverable 4.2 of the Relcom project regarding radiative measurements. A part of the results of this report will be converted in IFRF report for members.
• Annexes to the deliverable 4.3 of the Relcom project regarding comparison between measurements in air and oxy conditions at the CIUDEN rig.

The IFRF research team is also organising the measurements campaigns that will take place in the next months. In particular in September the IFRF team will return to Ponferrada to perform the second run of tests within the Relcom project and in the following months will cooperate to carry out corrosion tests as a task of the OnCord project.

This is being a very busy summer for our research team but we are very enthusiast of the growing interest for the IFRF in-fame measurements capabilities. In addition the acknowledgments that we receive boost our motivation. After every campaign we try to improve our instrumentation and our measurements techniques  in order to increase the quality of the services that we provide to our members.