• Report back – Combustion Colloquia, Naples, April 2009

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Last Monday the COMBUSTION COLLOQUIA took place in Naples Italy.  Organised by the Italian Section of The Combustion Institute in cooperation with the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Naples ‘Federico II’ and the Institute of Research on Combustion of the CNR, the meeting was dedicated to the late Prof. Antonio (Ninni) D’Alessio (1943–2008).

The main line of research pursued by Prof. D’Alessio for a long time was the pioneering development of optical diagnostics techniques applied to soot and organic pollutants.  Thus, the meeting was organized as a series of scientific colloquia aimed at covering the main topics of combustion science and technology with particular regard to the fields where the contribution of Ninni D’Alessio was more relevant.

The first colloquium took place at the School of Engineering in the morning of Monday, April  27th and took the form of a collection of lectures given by very prominent scientists on the topics connected to ‘Mechanisms and Diagnoses of Combustion’.

Prof. Adel F. Sarofim, University of Utah, (USA)
Characterization of Combustion Generated Aerosols: A Status Report

Dr. Charles K. Westbrook, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, (USA)
Detailed Kinetic Models for Large Hydrocarbon and Biodiesel Fuels

Prof. Eliseo Ranzi, Politecnico di Milano, (Italy)
Lumped kinetic modeling of soot precursors from real fuels

Prof. Michael Frenklach University of California at Berkeley, (USA)
Soot mechanisms and models: Past, Present and Future

Prof. Henning Bockhorn, Karlsruhe University, (Germany)
Combustion generated carbonaceous material – diagnostic techniques, their application, advantages and limits

Dr. Iskender Gökalp, ICARE – CNRS, Orléans, (France)
An example of isolation and recombination of factors in scientific research: or how to go from a vaporizing single droplet to spray combustion

Prof. Alessandro Gomez, Yale University, (USA)
Challenges in Soot Studies in Non-premixed Flames: Real fuels, High Pressure and Turbulence

Prof. Norbert Peters, Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule, Aachen, (Germany)
Combustion instabilities at various levels of model reduction

On the afternoons of April 27 and 28, the annual meeting of the Italian Section followed,  organized in the form of specialized colloquia dedicated to relevant topics of interest to the research and applications of combustion science.

Click here to download the proceedings of the meeting.