• Renovation of IFRF Research Archive in Progress

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In our research publication plan 2005, alongside the publication of ongoing programmes, we have added several consecutive activities including moving the archive into the searchable main database. This will be pursued during the summer maintenance period commencing today.  First on the list is the re-publication of  the IFRF Blast Furnace project completed in 1998. This is already republished.

This programme concerns the IFRF Members Funded Research Project “Combustion of Pulverised Fuel and Waste Plastic in Blast Furnaces”. The project was co-funded by the European Commission.  The work was completed at the IFRF Research Station in 1998 and the Project Profile was published to the IFRF Members in 1999.  Results of the programme and the associated documents are republished today in the searchable website in order to ensure that they are fully accessible to IFRF Members.  The documents are:

  • The Project Profile
  • The Final Research Report –  F104/y/3 

These are to be found at: http://www.research.ifrf.net/research/programme.html?pid=6

These documents may be downloaded exclusivly by registered Individual members of IFRF NET.