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Delegates should note these final organizational details for the Renfrew Meetings.  They are listed here  with a concluding note about suggested restaurants for Wednesday night.  In all cases, the full  information has been made available on the relevant entries in the IFRF Calendar.

  1. Final programmes for the EFRI Rig Owners’ Meeting and the CFD Validation Workshop now appear on the IFRF Events Calendar.  Click on the relevant link to read all the details.
  2. Organisation: Doosan Babcock Site Visit
    Delegates should meet outside the first floor Conference rooms in the Technology and Engineering Building.  Following a company presentation at 10:30, the group will be divided into two parts for separate tours of the Fuels and Materials Laboratories and the Combustion Test Facilities.  For full details click on the link above or refer to the delegate email sent earlier today.
  3. Change of venue for Executive and Joint Committee meetings                                               Members of the Joint and Executive Committees should note the change of venue for the two meetings.  The Executive Committee now meets in Room 1C of the first floor Conference suite in the Engineering and Technology Building.  The Joint Committee meets in Rooms 1A/1B.  Full information on the Calendar.
  4. Restaurant suggestions
    We have compiled a list of suggestions about dining options in Glasgow on Wednesday night.   The list is downloadable from each event entry on the IFRF Calendar.  Copies will also be provided at the registration desk along with the List of Delegates at each of the technical meetings.