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      Peter Roberts

As we announced last week, starting today, in July, we are cutting back our publication of the MNM to essential items only. Starting 23rd July we will take a summer redevelopment break continuing during August. Thus our last MNM before the break will be published on Monday 22nd July. We aim to recommence full publication on Monday 2nd September – Week 36. Please remember that this edition and those of 15th and 22nd July are being published as emailed editions only  there will be no html versions published at the MNM website http://www.mnm.ifrf.net. You will nevertheless still be able to browse the MNM archives during this maintenance/development break.

During this period we intend to complete the redevelopment of the Monday Night Mail website, simplifying and speeding up the editing and publication and introducing a keyword searchable database for archived articles.
We are well aware that the MNM is popular with our Members around the world. Therefore we ask your patience in the coming weeks while make our improvements. We look forward to giving you an improved service when we come fully on line again in September.

During this period we will be publishing the following material on the appropriate IFRF Websites and linking you through the emailed edition of the MNM.

Today we are concentrating on the High Efficiency Research Programme  see following article: In the next two weeks we will concentrate on:

15th July 2002  Week 29  New Article in the IFRF Online Combustion Journal  http://www.journal.ifrf.net.

22nd July 2002  Week 30  EuroFlam update  http://www.euroflam.net.

We will add other articles as appropriate. Do not forget, to use the links, open your emailed edition of the MNM.