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Whitin the mainframe of the IFRF Members Research Project “Validation of combustion modelling for practical combustion systems“, in the last years IFRF undertook several measurement campaigns in the FO.SPER. furnace in order to provide modelers with experimental data.

The measurement campaigns have been carried out firing natural gas and coal and using traditional air-fuel combustion technique and oxy-fuel with recycled flue gas.

The detailed description of these campaigns and the results can be found at this page.

Several IFRF members started to use those results  for validating their sub-models and comprehensive codes. One of the most common request, that we received from the modelers, was the need of further details about the geometry of the burner. In order to fulfill these requests IFRF and ENEL decided to publish these information and make them available to the members of the CFD forum.

The intention of this project and the purpose of this forum is to build a community of CFD modelers that can exchange their knowledge and their experiences sharing information and discussing about problems that can occur during modeling of industrial combustion.

A new post has been submitted in the IFRF CFD forum. In this post you can find the drawings of the burner used in the latest IFRF campaign. This burner will be called from now on the “Reference Burner #1“.

The drawings are .dwg files and can be read with AUTOCAD.

If you want to subscribe to the IFRF CFD forum please send an e-mail to Tracey Biller.

In the next months IFRF will provide modelers with further data. In particular the velocity field produced by the reference burner will be measured with a very high accuracy in both hot and cold conditions.

An opportunity to discuss and exchange information about CFD Validation will also be the “CFD Validation Workshopthat will take place in Renfrew, Scotland, the 16th of June 2010.  For further information about this event see the IFRF Calendar Of Technical events at this link.