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Today we have published the summaries and Chairmen’s presentations of  both workshops held during the 14th Members’ Conference.

  •  Solid Fuel Panel Workshop

  • Oil and Gaseous Fuel Panel Workshop

The Solid Fuel Panel Workshop was chaired by our Superintendent of Research, Hartmut Spliethoff.  Whilst the Oil and Gaseous Fuel Panel Workshop was chaired by our Deputy Superintendent of Research, Neil Fricker.

Both workshop discussed the future requirements in the various field of combustion research.  The Solid Fuel Panel Workshop focused on the discussion on how to respond to the requirement of the Carbon Constrained Environment and concluded that Oxy-Coal Combustion will play a significant role in the future.  On the other hand, the Oil and Gaseous Fuel Panel Workshop discussed the various drivers that determines the future research requirements and the this workshop concludes on how IFRF could support the needs of the industry in respond to these drivers.

To download the documents, just click on the link below:


Meanwhile, IFRF Planning Document, based on the proceedings of the Birmingham TOTeM Cluster, jointly organised by British Flame and the IFRF.

The Birmingham TOTeM Cluster was held at the end of November 2003 in UK. TOTeM26 was chaired by Nick Otter of Alstom and TOTeM27 was chaired by Jim Seebold of Chevron Texaco.

TOTeM26: “CO2 Control, Capture, Sequestration, Storage and Emissions Trading”.  This report and full details of the proceedings are published at:


TOTeM27: “Process Heating in Petroleum, Petrochemical and Chemical Industries: Identifying Trends and Satisfying Needs through Leveraged External Research”. This report and full details of the proceedings are published at:


The TOTeM reports prepared by Jeff Rhine and Refereed by Nick Otter and Jim Seebold, contains full details of the Discussions and Conclusions in pdf format and published for on-screen viewing in your browser.

All presentations may also be downloaded as pdf files and summaries of the presentations are available for on-screen viewing.

All registered Individual Members can browse this site and download details of the discussions and conclusions as well as many of the individual presentations.